Arabic Alphabet Board Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

TenguGo Arabic Alphabet Android/iOS Demo

Please check out our follow-up Arabic App: Demo for the free TenguGo Arabic Alphabet app.

Easy Writing Free - Android Kids App

Easy writing help the kids to learn and write alphabets in a Interactive way. Features: * The 'Trace Board' help the kids to practice to write alphabet,Numbers ...

Madar Al-Huruf: How to Spell in Arabic

QFI introduces a short tutorial on Madar Al-Huruf, a "wheel of letters" designed by QFI to introduce native English speakers to the Arabic language.

How to add Keyboard Language on a Galaxy S8

How to add and remove a different language keyboard on a Samsung Galaxy S8. How to change the keyboard language on a Samsung galaxy s8. More Galaxy ...

Alphabet Magnetic Block

Magnetic building block Magnetic building block.

Do You Believe? | Brain Games

For many years people have trusted the Ouija board to connect with the spirit world, but this experiment may have some believers second-guessing where they ...

Magtimes Magnetic Letters and Numbers Review

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Three Games Away From Reviewing the Entire Alphabet

Not long ago, I reviewed Zenzizenzic. It's a fun dual-stick shooter that won me over almost immediately. But beyond reminding me how much I love this style of ...

Amaiya's Alphabet App - Prototype (Beta Testing)

Demonstration of prototype. Designed for user feedback. ...

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